Descriptions of Jackson Hole

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It was he whose descriptions of Jackson Hole, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Falls, the Fire Hole geysers, and the Madison River had once been known as “Jim Bridger’s lies.” His father-in-law was Chief Washakie. And now this bluecoat general wanted to know where to put a railroad. The Oregon Trail went around the north end of the Laramie Range and up the Sweetwater to South Pass-to say the least, an easy grade. But for a competitive transcontinental railroad the Sweetwater was a route of wide digression and no coal. Bridger zakelijke energie vergelijken mentioned Lodgepole Creek and said the high ground above it was the low point on the crest of the Laramie Range (a fact that theodolites would in time confirm). The route could go there. So Dodge, in i865, coming south from the Powder River, left his pack trains and cavalry on the St. Vrain Trail and led a small patrol up Lodgepole Creek. At the top, he turned south and did reconnaissance of the summit terrain. In the small valley of a high tributary of Crow Creek-five or ten miles south of Bridger’s recommendation-he surprised a band of Indians. His report does not say of what tribe. They were hostiles-or at least became so after Dodge started firing at them. At the moment of mutual surprise, they were between him and his main column, and that made him tactically nervous. The patrol dismounted and walked due east -“holding the Indians at bay, when they came too near, with our Winchesters.” In this manner, the gangplank was discovered. As Dodge kept going east, expecting to reach zakelijke energie the escarpment from which he would signal with smoke, he reached no escarpment. Instead, he reached the remnant of the high ancient surface-this interfluvial isthmus between Crow Creek and Lone Tree Creektouching the mountain summit. It led down to the plains without a break. I then said to my guide that if we saved our scalps I believed we had found the crossing.

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